i'm jimbo. i program things as a hobby. it's pretty nice.

some links to other things i made

games and such

i make a lot of games. here are some of them.

spinny game

spinny game is a game where you play as a blue circle. it's one of my first "good" games (although this is a pretty low bar for "good") and i'm very proud of it despite it being sort of garbage. i'm in fact so proud of it that i'm going to make a second one! i made the first one alone but i'm making this one with taelsdafoox and possibly other people. here's some promotion art by taels:

spinny arcade banner. room full of arcades with previous fried stew games, with spinny guy in the foreground.

the game will feature a couple of parodies of traditional arcade games, as well as (possibly) some new ones if we have time. i'll release it on my itch page and other hosting services (possibly including this page) once i finish (which will take... quite a while probably; expect late 2022 to 2023). while you wait for me to figure out how to lock myself in the attic. you can play the original one on the itch page or on netlify.

shotgun game

shotgun game might as well be abandoned now, but you can still play it here. jankiestgame.netlify.app.

hey why are you abandoning shotgun game

the game was getting bloated and i couldn't think of any ways to expand upon it other than adding more mechanics. for a good speedrunning game similar to what i was aiming for with shotgun game, try neon white etc.